Umana- mente possibile. Un approccio di 'cura' basato sulla relazione significativa, sul senso comunitario e sulla centralità della persona

  • Bruno Tira
  • Tiziana Tirelli


“Humanly Possible” represents an experimental model that deals with the subject of the ‘cure’, thats has to be seen as ‘taking care’, proposing an alliance between decision-making roles (staff supervisor and educator) that are responsible for the governance of multidimensional teams in the RSA ( health residential structures for old people) partners (Altana’s partner); this alliance aims to the application of models where there is a ‘humanized’ management of services,  surpassing a ‘technical culture’ that doesn’t take the right care of a patient and tends to put first the aspect of  ‘conservative’ wellness and not the dinamic one. This model requires a formative path of professionals, directed to surpassing the concept of ‘a specific job description’, in order to implement a shared approach based on the idea of working with projects (of life and community).