Il tirocinio tra scuola e università: la costruzione condivisa della professionalità docente

  • Rossana Sicurello
  • Loredana Leoni


In this paper we analysed the processes of learning and its pedagogical dimensions that allow us to reconstruct the experience of traineeship in terms of active participation in a community of practice. In the first section we want to show if the prospects of communities of practice are fruitful for the understanding of the teacher’s process of professionalization. Later we will consider the mechanisms of formation of secondary school teachers in order to identify how one can learn through the community of practices, which enhance the ability to communicate and share with others their experiences by putting oneself in a situation of exchange and mutual enrichment. The competence development is not easy to accomplish, since the obtainment of competences is a complex process that integrates the subject level with the social one, and that it is realized in formal and informal contexts. At the end, one must take care to consider the conceptual evolution and new prospects associated with the construct of the community of practice.