La videoregistrazione come strumento per migliorare la qualità del tirocinio: bilancio di un'innovazione e ambiti di sviluppo

  • Antonio Calvani
  • Carla Maltinti
  • Laura Menichetti
  • Silvia Micheletta
  • Marco Orsi


The evidence-based research on the training of new teachers has shown that the approach recognized as the most effective consists in a practice intentionally oriented to achieve clearly defined behavior goals. In this context, a significant contribution can come from videorecording teaching behaviours and subsequently reviewing them. During the last four years a project carried out at the University of Florence has aimed at improving the quality of the training through a circular process between theory and practice of designing lessons plans, then which were performed and videorecorded by the trainees and then shared and discussed with peers (project Marc). This innovation is now fully operational, i.e. extended to all the students of the degree program. This paper assesses the results achieved by evaluating the reusable tools and draws an overview of the theoretical implications and of the strengths and weaknesses inherent in this innovation, with a view at improving its effectiveness and its institutional rooting in the university context.