Un anno di tutoring universitario: esperienza e riflessioni

  • Eloisa Cianci


This article is related to the experience of tutoring that I’ve carried out at the University of Bergamo, Faculty of Education, in the school year 2014/2015. The meeting between the anthropological and epistemological skills that have characterized my personal and professional training and this new role of tutoring, led me to reflect in depth on this experience, and allowed me to go along it using a duplex point of view. The first one is that of the tutor, who has the task to support the students’ learning process during their training period and the second one is that of the social researcher, which allowed me to take a reflexive and research approach in relation to students that I have been assigned. The observation of my group of trainees and listening to their thoughts, needs and requirements, gave me the idea to experience a type of tutor-student relationship that would engage students not only individually, but in the context of the group, by organizing real “collective student receiving”. This article aims to describe and reflect on this year's lived experience, to understand and find a first systematization of needs expressed by my students and to verify the usefulness of collective student receiving as a pedagogical device.