Il mito della "civiltà del lavoro" nel dibattito culturale del fascismo durante la Seconda guerra mondiale

  • Fabrizio Amore Bianco


This essay analyses how the issue of a new «Civilization of Labour» was debated in the political and cultural circles of the Fascist regime during the Second World War. In fact, with the outbreak of that conflict much of the Fascist press focused on the issue of the so called “Nuovo Ordine”, that is the political, economic and social structure that should have shaped Europe and the neighbouring territories as a consequence of the hypothetical Axis victory. In some Fascist circles, especially among trade unionists, university professors and students, it was strongly believed that «labour» would have played a revolutionary role in shaping a new economic order, conceived as the triumph of the Fascist «social» totalitarianism on international capitalism and the bourgeoisie.