Dall'umanesimo della cultura all'umanesimo del lavoro. Pedagogia, politica e territorio

  • Maria Grazia Lombardi


This work tries to put together, in a perspective of militant pedagogy, pedagogy, politics and territory through the reading of the thought of Giovanni Gentile and humanism of work. The assumption is that is possible to recover that constant dialogue between pedagogy and politics that finds in the spiritual essence of Gentile mold and human action a dimension of meaning. The individual in this act does not exist as ‘Ego’, but as ‘We’ inhabiting a territory, a community. Here what in our case, today, makes conversing pedagogy, politics and territory by Giovanni Gentile: the activity of the spirit , the ‘ego’ that becomes a ‘We’ and that, since the prediction for the future, as a pedagogical dimension of planning, builds a concept of political ethics.