Uno studio sui sentimenti, gli atteggiamenti e le preoccupazioni degli insegnanti italiani verso l'inclusione scolastica

  • Paola Aiello
  • Umesh Sharma
  • Diana Di Gennaro
  • Dimiter Dimitrov
  • Erika Marie Pace
  • Iolanda Zollo
  • Maurizio Sibilio


Over the past few decades, with the adoption of an inclusive approach to education, the teacher’s role in ensuring the educational success of each and every pupil has become a central theme. Literature on this specific issue highlights that there is a positive correlation between the quality of the teaching offered and students’ performance. Research on teachers’ attitudes towards inclusive education suggests that the success of this approach is strongly related to the teachers’ sentiments, attitudes and concerns toward inclusive education that orient the daily action of each teacher. The SACIE-R scale was translated and administered to 437 teachers during a training course organised by the Regional Department for Schools in the Campania Region and delivered by the University of Salerno in the provinces of Salerno, Caserta, Avellino and Benevento. The aim was to explore the attitudes, sentiments and concerns among those teachers who will be directly involved in promoting the implementation of inclusive practices, as this could be a predictive element of the success of inclusion, notwithstanding the complexity such an approach brings about. Further, this study provided the opportunity to translate and validate the SACIE-R scale in Italy.