Promuovere le competenze dell'alunno con disabilità per un processo di inclusione scolastica e sociale

  • Francesca Pedone
  • Rosalia Domino
  • Fulvia Iovino


This paper focuses on the assessment of disabled student's skills, referring to his personal and social development and to the achievement of those skills required in ordinary life contexts (Guidelines for the integration of students with disabilities, 2014), in order to really fit the project of life as an integral part of the Individualized Education Plan. The paper, containing the results of a specific education action structured according to the backward design model, describes a process aimed at assessing skills of disabled students, based on the skills certification of the first school cycle (C.M. 3 of 13 February 2015) and on the assessment of knowledge and skills (DPR 122/09). Planning the steps had a double impact on the teaching-learning process: on the one hand, an impact on teachers who plan systematically and highlight the process, as a key element of the inclusion concept, providing useful tools to optimize every student’s learning potential; on the other hand, an impact on learners who use their knowledge with a projection of usability in the social context, feeling competent in any significant achievement. All this process aims to put all disabled students, without exceptions, into the social dimension of citizenship's rights in order to make them feel part of a community where they truly have their own role and identity.