Sulle tracce della pedagogia speciale in Italia. 1967-1976: la breve, ma significativa, parabola della rivista <em>Didattica Integrativa</em>

  • Mabel Giraldo


This paper offers an overview of the complex historical, cultural, political, social and pedagogical debate that, between the late Sixties and Seventies in Italy, has contributed to a growing integrative culture of the person with disability (at school and in the society) signed officially by the known Law n. 517/77. In particular, the recovery of significant traces of this new and progressive awareness about “special” education will be taken from the voices of Pedagogical Group of Editrice La Scuola. Within the large production of this publishing house based in Brescia, the article analyzes, specifically, the pedagogical debate promoted by the journal Didattica Integrativa in an open confrontation with other editorial experiences dedicated, at that time, to the issues of “special” didactics and “speciale” education (Scuola Italiana Moderna and its supplement Didattica di Base, and Scuola e didattica).