I processi migratori per una nuova sfida all'educazione

  • Giuseppe Elia


The encounter between different cultures seems to have become the key theme of present times, the one that produces more tensions but at the same time opens up new horizons and new opportunities. Today, cultural pluralism is a common feature of most countries: minorities and majorities are increasingly confronted with issues such as political representation, civil and social rights, and immigration policies. The right to cultural diversity, as a recognition of identity, must coincide with the recognition of the right of citizenship as a guarantee of security, legal equality, and social justice. The current paper focuses on the issue of rights to discuss which political rights immigrants might or should enjoy and to identify training courses that can lead them to exercise them fully, in order to make them effective. The concept of intercultural education, introduced the early 1980s, represents the most appropriate pedagogic response to the new situation.