L'importanza del capitale umano nel processo di integrazione degli immigrati

  • Andrea Cegolon


The migratory phenomenon has come to such dimensions which were unimaginable up to a few decades ago. According to United Nations data, international migrants have been 244 million internationals in 2015, almost doubling (41%) over the past 15 years. The full integration of immigrants into the host society is a fundamental target and in this process the role of human capital is paramount. In this view, in the following pages we aim at examining the role of education to promote the immigrant integration process. Firstly, we will investigate the levels of education achieved by native people compared to immigrants in Western countries. In such a way we will analyse the positive effect of linguistic competence on the integration of first and second generation immigrants. Secondly the influence of human capital is taken into account in soften, as it were, the widespread national hostility towards immigrants.