Ripensare l'ordine delle cose

  • Rosanna Cima


The ability to observe and to define problems is the main required element to solve them. The failure of host policies implemented by the states with an overflowing immigration, has stimulated the pedagogical research to be poised between the global Souths and different Norths and pick out existential methodologies capable of fully understanding the reality. The Human Science Department of the University of Verona together with Centro Astalli of Trento (a corporation that deals with asylum applicants and forced migrations) have been working on a participated research for two years: the gamble is the employment of a phenomenology attentive to daily life and at the same time to the geopolitical dimension. The decolonial theory is a part of the rich intercultural pedagogical panorama and has the goal to reconsider the educational terms of the encounter of the Other. These are the theoretical references which permit to articulate a deconstruction of the epistemologies that still are contributing to maintain the coloniality of the knowledge, of the existence and of the view influencing deeply the relation with the Other. The educational and care processes are broken down and reassembled in a multi-situated and multilingual form to highlight those life gestures that create a shared experiential consciousness. This requires an interpretative innovation.