Etica, metafisica e pedagogia. Connessioni e prospettive alla luce della fenomenologia

  • Giuseppina D'Addelfio


"Metaphysics and pedagogy" sounds as a very unusual combination: envisaging a connection between them seems today senseless or even impossible, especially after Kant and Heidegger. Actually, metaphysics is mostly understood as an abstract knowledge, far from reality, whereas pedagogy, as a practical science, is meant as something without any connection whatsover with a theoretical attitude. The aim of this paper is to put in question this view on both metaphysics and pedagogy. The intent is pursued starting from the link that the father of metaphysics as a science, Aristotle, has founded between it and the true moral life. This perspective is then related to the Kantian thought and, above all, to some phenomenological account on this issue. Authors of reference will be Stein, Arendt and even Heidegger himself; they allow us to see that the understanding of the essence of metaphysics is inseparable from the understanding of the essence of human nature.