La pedagogia metafisica come "scienza prima" dell'educazione. Oltre l'emergenziale e il contingente, educare all'ulteriorità

  • Riccardo Pagano


Metaphysics and pedagogy have an inseparable relationship in the ‘classical’ pedagogical thought; that relationship is almost absent in the most recent pedagogical epistemology. Today, in our opinion, to propose a metaphysical perspective for pedagogy again, it is necessary to bear Rousseau and Heidegger in mind because, in modern and contemporary times, they placed the solid theoretical foundations for an educational weltanshauung which, though not giving up the scientific achievements made by the sciences of education, knows how to propose a metaphysical tension again; without that tension the ‘educational’ is reduced to the ‘particular’, in other words it is pure methodology, it is contingent, relative and, above all, it is ‘liquid’, i.e. it shuns substantiality and durability. Without that metaphysical tension, pedagogy plays it by ear, it does not have either any perspectives of transcendence or any transcendental eyes. It loses sight of the overall vision of life and living based on Rousseau's freedom and on Heidegger’s ‘being like totality’.