La struttura della persona umana. La Bildung di Edith Stein tra fenomenologia e metafisica

  • Marco Ubbiali


This article presents the contribution of Edith Stein in order to argue the possible (necessary) relationship between metaphysics and pedagogy. Starting from the text The Structure of the Human Person (1932-33) the article presents Stein’s position which assures that every pedagogical theory is founded on an anthropological and metaphysical vision. After analyzing the most influent positions at her times, she proposes an interesting foundation of her theory of the Bildung on the Christian philosophy/metaphysics. In the second part of this contribution the metaphysical position of Edith Stein is read within the early Twentieth Century debate on the possibility of a “Christian philosophy” (in particular comparing it with the “pure” phenomenological position), and it is analyzed as a possible suggestion for contemporary pedagogy.