Per una pedagogia della cura, ovvero per una lettura pedagogica della complessità

  • Vincenzo A. Piccione


For the pedagogical point of view, current complexity is not the characteristic of an age to be observed in itself: complexity is a set of interconnected phenomena that belongs to all of us, and produces a concrete impact, demands multiple and never abstract requests that were never asked before, never hesitates. In concrete, it requires, to all of us, an articulated and contemporary use of technical and instrumental skills to change our lives and change ourselves, act and interact; it requires the differentiated and contemporary use of technical-instrumental and human skills to solve problems and foster creative solutions; it requires the use of linguistic and expressive competences to communicate on the basis of constantly updated codes and channels; it requires human skills necessary to overcome limits and borders, to reduce discomforts and pressures experienced in our lived times and in our lived space. This paper aims at observing complexity as a process or, better, as a set of processes that tirelessly, on the one hand, ask youngsters to take care of themselves and of their social and cultural interactions, and, on the other, ask all those who have an educational role to adopt a still more intense learner-centered approach.