Riflessioni pedagogiche sul tutoring a partire dal vertice delle professioni della cura

  • Lucia Zannini
  • Katia Daniele
  • Luisa Saiani


This paper is aimed at proposing some models and methodological approaches developed within undergraduate nursing education, in order to contribute to the pedagogical debate on traineeship. Learning in the field has always been considered crucial by nurses, and, since the Forties, they have investigated how to effectively supervise clinical training. Literature points out different roles, involved in students’ supervision, as the clinical preceptor/advisor, and the clinical teacher. Even if they operate in simulated and/or real contexts, all of those roles should be able to set up a ‘tutorial setting’, that is a student-centered ‘set’, characterized by a reduced relational asymmetry, closeness, and by a welcoming and facilitating environment, where the student can feel free to learn also from his/her errors. Although some techniques aimed at supporting students in their traineeship are explored (i.e. role modeling, questioning, thinking aloud, briefing/debriefing) and promising instruments are analyzed (learning contracts, portfolios), we conclude, in line with socio-material approaches, that setting up a caring ‘dispositif’ is the core competence of supervisors.

Vol. I: Il Tutoring tra radici scientifiche e applicazioni operative