Peer tutoring tra studenti di Scienze della Formazione Primaria: i nuovi Virgilio

  • Sonia Claris


The article focuses on the presentation of an innovative peer-tutoring project among university students. This is a proposal that involves first and second year students of the course in Primary Education Sci-ences of the University of Bergamo, in ways of accompanying entry into kindergartens and primary schools for the conducting of observations, the carrying out of interviews to the teachers, in close corre-lation with courses and laboratories and in the paradigm of the training alternation. The action research has been built on a methodological level through questionnaires addressed to the various subjects, focus groups and in-depth interviews for a more detailed analysis of the answers pro-vided. From this first survey work, which will be continued in the future, with recursion aimed at im-provement, it emerges that the proposal has developed in students, above all, interpersonal skills and management and organization of resources and time between multiple subjects. It emerges clearly how much important is to approach schools in progressive steps, as complex communities of professional practice.