Il tutoring degli atleti-studenti nell'università italiana: tra sfide pedagogiche, modelli e prospettive di sviluppo

  • Mascia Migliorati
  • Claudia Maulini
  • Emanuele Isidori


By drawing on the most recent open scholarly literature on dual-career studies in sport, this article aims to identify the central elements of an effective and successful tutorship addressed to assist and support the professional development of student-athletes taking university courses. To do so, the article classifies the different components of success in three areas and dimensions of tutorship, mainly: flexibility, the focus on enhancing the tutor-tutee relationship, and the use of web 2.0 learning and communication e-technologies. The article concludes by providing guidelines for the implementation of practical tutoring actions aimed to help student-athletes attending universities develop as practitioners and highly motivated students within the context of continuous education.