Orientamento e peer tutoring. Un processo pedagogico innovativo per facilitare e accompagnare l'avvio del percorso universitario

  • Chiara Annovazzi
  • Elisabetta Camussi
  • Daria Meneghetti
  • Stefania Ulivieri Stiozzi
  • Franca Zuccoli


University orientation programs have evolved significantly in recent years, going from mere induction days to long-term processes spanning students’ entire course of studies from entrance through exit. The orientation committee at Milano- Bicocca University leads a wide range of orientation projects; in the current paper, we focus on the university’s tutoring program for first-year students. This highly complex scheme was first launched in 2013, and is currently offered on 16 different degree courses. We analyze the steps that led to the development of the present format, while reflectively evaluating the documentation produced on its implementation.