Istruzione universitaria e tecnologie digitali. Una riflessione critica sul modello didattico flipped

  • Raffaella Strongoli Università degli Studi di Catania
Parole chiave: flipped classroom, apprendimento capovolto, innovazione didattica, tecnologie didattiche, modelli di insegnamento universitario


Over the last decade, the national and international literature in the field of teaching and learning has shown growing attention to the topic of educational innovation in schools and universities through the flipped classroom and flipped learning approaches. This paper critically addresses the potential and the limits of the flipped approach with a view to its implementation in university training courses and the development of efficient pedagogical planning that takes into account the specific nature of the contexts, the individual differences of the students and the necessary informed use of technological means and tools in order to innovate teaching practices and avoid the risk of standardization of educational proposals.