Gli spazi della scuola: le proposte rivoluzionarie dell'attivismo nell'organizzazione degli spazi educativi e le ricadute successive

  • Mariagrazia Marcarini


The relationships and the connections between people, education and school spaces have attracted the interest, the study and the research of the great educators of the 'new school' and of the activism. What is left from these studies in these years? Are the proposals of the great educators of the past still current? How are their reflections interpreted today? Educational opportunities will be analyzed through the proposals and experimentations made over the years by great educators as Mary Montessori and Dewey, which have revolutionized the school practices, then followed by many others who have helped to suggest new ways of ‘doing school’. In addition to Maria Montessori, and John Dewey, will be discussed reflections of: Carleton Washburne, Rosa e Carolina Agazzi, Maria Boschetti Alberti, Célestine Freinet, Roger Cousinet, Luigi Volpicelli, Luigi Romanini, Renato Coèn, Francesco De Bartolomeis, Loris Malaguzzi.