L'orientamento tra identità personale e cultura del lavoro. Prospettive di ricerca sul ruolo della scuola in adolescenza

  • Melania Bortolotto
  • Andrea Porcarelli


The meanings of educational and vocational guidance are part of an overall economic logic centered on the human resources development typical of a learning society. In this perspective, the guidance is a process of signification of reality which comes to coincide with the personal and social identity’s construction. In this sense, adolescence is crucial for the self-definition also in relation to a scale of values where the future job occupies a privileged place. The aim of our research is to explore, from a pedagogical point of view, the role of school in the formation of adolescents’ representations in relation of the job and particularly on its professional values which can guide the personal choices. This focus is very important in the current historical and cultural period characterized by economic and labor market’s crisis, where the youth unemployement is increasing, the values are unstable and the professional perspectives are precarious and uncertain.