Se nutrendo la vita nutriamo lo spirito

  • Andrea Cegolon


The text explores the concept of nourishment of human life in a holistic view, as required by the complexity of the person, as both a multidimensional reality and an integrated unit in need of material and spiritual food. The personal unity is taken as a criterion in the presence of foodstuffs exhibited in the Expo Milano 2015 to assess the potential of ethics they can enclose in view of values or non values involved in their production processes. The anthropological abstraction of the ʻhomo economicusʼ, at the basis of the economic theory of the global market, sounds as a denouncement of the ideology we continue to send out through this production model; this same ideology is penetrated into education through the concept of human capital. The hope is that the comparison with other cultures, different models of production and of exchange may be an important opportunity to seek other bases for prosperity.