Alimentare lo sviluppo ecologico del corso di vita. La visione pedagogica della crescita umana oltre l'economia

  • Mirca Benetton


This paper will explore, according to an ecological paradigm of human progress development, the contribution that Pedagogy can offer  to the review of the meaning attributable to growth and wellness concepts. It seems necessary to support an educational process returning the opportunity to live in an environmental-planetarium context where rules cannot be issued only by market. The event Expo Milano 2015 and the related educational projects developed, may be a stimulus for a pedagogical and educational action able to highlight the importance of  a renewed environmental education and of  a new educational ratio. Pedagogy should build alliances with an  economic science alternative to the market. This change should be made in order to orient human growth by an ecological sense and to enhance an human capital based on person centrality. A person who can develop in harmony with the global world environment.