Le conoscenze relative alla nutrizione tra gli istruttori di fitness: uno studio trasversale a Milano

  • Ferdinando Cereda


In Italy, the identification and recognition of skills acquired in personal educational and professional curriculum, in non-formal and informal context, is now a "right" (d.lgs. 16.1.2013, n. 13, attuativo dell’art. 4, co. 58 e 68, della l. 28.6.2012, n. 92). In several countries lack of formal training requirements for fitness personnel makes adequate counselling difficult. Fitness trainers are a resource for the general public to obtain exercise information, exercise prescription and guidance. The demand for nutritional advice is strong and fitness instructors are well positioned to respond. The aim of this preliminary study was to evaluate nutritional knowledge of instructors working in any of the 24 fitness centres of Milan, sites of placements curriculum for the student in motor and sports sciences at the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. A questionnaire containing closed- and open-ended questions was filled by 43 instructors working in the 18 participating centres. 96% gave nutritional advice and 49% established diet plans. Rates of correct answers were: 63% for the “right or wrong” questions, 52% for the closed-ended questions, 33% for the multiple choice questions, 24% for the open-ended questions, 8% for the consumption recommendations. 58% of instructors self-rated their nutritional knowledge as insufficient. Key point: nutrition; weight loss, fitness centre, health education, physical activity.