L'alimentazione come costruzione di significati. Personalità, modelli identitari e prospettive di vita individuale e globale in rapporto al cibo e al suo consumo

  • Salvatore Manca
  • Stefania Greppo


More and more often we talk about “nutrition education”, “healthy cooking” or “good eating habits”. Usually such terms refer to a correct approach to food, which is expressed through a healthy diet; culture and development of the area, a careful selection of products and, therefore, the knowledge to know what we are eating. This trend reflects not only the fashion of the moment, a status symbol, or the result of one of the many ephemeral “products” launched by consumerism; infact, can identify a particular social group, a personal characteristic, a communication element of considerable importance: in essence, one of the many ways to express themselves, their tastes, their ideas and inclinations.From all this, it is clear the importance and the close connection between the food and the subjective, anthropological, social, educational, psychological aspects of each person, from which created worlds of meaning that can help to give a more aware and rich interpretation of the “history” of each of us.