La rinascita umana tra utopia e impegno civile in J. H. Pestalozzi

  • Giordana Merlo


This contribution intends to trace in Pestalozzi's thinking the progressive enunciation of a civic-pedagogical sense that is extending to the rebirth of a new humanity. Reflection on the essence of man finds in family relationships the first and fundamental expressions of humanity. In the renewal of family relationships a new humanity is possible. Pestalozzi connects reformist-utopian instances of social renewal of the Illuminist period and the new romantic vision of the child's world as a space of new humanity and therefore of possible intervention for the purpose of a profound human rebirth. Our speech will be subdivided into two parts: the first will cover the philosophical and social utopian approach and the developments that Pestalozian thought has towards Louis-Sébastien Mercier's utopia. The second will look at the educational dimension that is fulfilled within a renewed mother-child relationship that takes on the contours of a real civil commitment aimed at the recovery and retraining of the element of humanity generating a new world.