Impegno e testimonianza. L'eredità di Pestalozzi

  • Agnese Rosati


The contribute point out some aspects of particular pedagogical interest, proper to the thought of J.H. Pestalozzi. The reading of the author's works, that Aldo Agazzi considered one of the father of modern pedagogy along whit Rousseau and Fröbel, , offers elements to reflect about the sense of commitment and educational responsibility of the teachers. In a period of social and cultural crisis, remember the moral and ethic dimension about the work emerges necessary, even more so in a teaching profession. Moved by love for knowledge and humanity, the educator, as Pestalozzi mention, can start a social regeneration, respecting human nature and life. These principles, introduce in contemporary pedagogy, are objects about interdisciplinary study, attentive to understanding the relational and psychic dynamics of subjects within the society.

Testimonianze ed esperienze