Riflessività e narrazione autobiografica per una cittadinanza digitale

  • Enza Sidoti
  • Dorotea Rita Di Carlo


Within nowadays information and knowledge society, training paths are exposed to changes due to technological development. These technological hints offer a plurality of communicative tools that endlessly extend the possibility of narrating, talking about oneself, telling oneself and being recognized. In this regard, the present paper deals with Digital Storytelling, with images, music, narration and voice woven together, offering new tools to revisit the narration, intertwining multimedia, interactivity and the web, with traditional practices. All this leads us to consider digital storytelling as a sort of modern version of the ancient art of storytelling (Rule, 2010). The educational challenge aims to promote a new dimension of expressive language providing a personal and professional development of identity to consciously participate in the digital world.