Modelli di autodirezione dell'apprendimento nella formazione dei Dirigenti scolastici: una rassegna sistematica della letteratura internazionale

  • Chiara Giunti
  • Maria Ranieri


This paper proposes a reflection on of the concept of self-directed learning in school leaders training, through the presentation of the results of a systematic review related to internationally adopted training models for the design of professional development programmes on school leadership. More specifically, moving from the analysis of the results of the review, this paper explores the notion of self-direct learning focusing on its formative potential for school leaders. The results show the effectivness of training models leveraging on the use of reflective instruments, peer to peer training based on communities of practices and forms of mediation usually adopted in modeling relationships. School leaders with training experiences based on self-directed practices, show an increased sense of perceived self-efficacy and a strenghtening of personal and professional abilities. Professional development programmes inspired to self-directed and reflective approaches indeed promote iniziative, autonomy and responsability, enabling the implementation of knowledge and competences in professional life.