Un laboratorio universitario di formazione esperienziale alla relazione d'aiuto: efficacia percepita dagli studenti in educazione professionale

  • Dario Fortin


The In this paper, we will point out the effectiveness of experiential learning and the satisfaction perceived by all 249 bachelor students of Social Health Education in Northern Italy, who participated in an experiential learning laboratory for the helping relationship. The retrospective investigation is particularly interesting, as the evaluation was carried out at the end of every degree program, from the first group of students up to the last one. Moreover, the results of this partially self-directed laboratory were particularly encouraging, as the satisfaction levels were extremely good, higher than 90%. In order to understand the context, we will present the Social Health Educator and some important features of its university training, focusing, in particular, on the development of specific professional competences and on some psychological and pedagogical relevant theories. We will then describe the materials and research methods and, finally, point out career prospects and topics for further investigation.