Lo sguardo fenomenologico sull'esperire scientifico-professionale. Per una lettura pedagogica costruttrice di senso

  • Adriana Schiedi


Dealing with the issue of professional experiencing implies the necessity to reflect according to two different points of view, the ontologic and the epistemic one, which are not to be considered as distinct plans of the pedagocical analysis, but as strictly related to each other, if considered within a phenomenological frame. In the following contribution, in- deed, phenomenology, apart from being a mere method to retrieve the onthology of the intellectual work practice, is al- so the most appropriate style, research attitude aimed at the construction of a really significant professional and per- sonal epistemology of the researcher. It belongs, more specifically, to a pedagogy based on anthropological principles, which, before the loss of sense of all the professions, even the intellectual ones, can allow the researcher to put himself into a listening dimension, into a subjective- epistemic, ethic and spiritual self-comprehensive dimension facing the complexity of his experience in order to give it sense.