The value of work: emerging opportunities and challenges for universities

  • Gigliola Paviotti Università degli Studi di Macerata
Parole chiave: Lavoro; Occupabilità dei laureati; Educazione;, Capability Approach; Università


The educational system, particularly universities, has been challenged in past years to expand its role in society from its first and second missions of teaching and research to a third mission of “social, enterprising, innovation activities” for the benefit of society, through relations with business. In this context, “employability,” the capacity of individuals to find, retain, and re-find a job, has become a central theme debated within and outside universities. This study seeks to contribute to an increased understanding of the reasons that university efforts to guarantee the employability of students should extend beyond skills development. It explores from a pedagogical point of view the theme of transition pathways from education to work, and reports results from interviews of a sample of graduates on their opinions about the value of work and of a university education.