Le competenze di ricerca pedagogica per l’educazione permanente e continua

  • Gabriella Aleandri Università Roma Tre
  • Chiara Fiorentini
Parole chiave: Competenze di ricerca, Educazione permanente, Formazione continua, Ricerca esplorativa., competenze di ricerca, educazione permanente, formazione continua, ricerca esplorativa


The educational, training and pedagogical professions need to renew the training processes, starting from the university courses, and relying on the practice understood as action from which a new knowledge is built. Therefore, a habitus can be developed that stimulates to promote and project oneself into a lifelong and continuing education dimension for the training of active and aware citizens, now recognized and consolidated both internationally and nationally as crucial and essential. After an analysis on the state of the art that aims to bring out past and the most recent theories, conceptualizations and data surveys about such issues, a report about the data analysed from an explorative research project regarding the “research skills” though internship and the knowledge and awareness that students gained about is presented. Main results showed that the current research possibilities offered to students enrolled in Degree Courses in Education L-19 and Masters in Pedagogical Sciences and Sciences of Adult Education and Continuing Education LM-85 / LM-57 are not well known and students seemed to be not enough aware about.