I PTM nelle scienze dello sport: colmare il divario tra teoria e pratica?

  • Ferdinando Cereda University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan


The incorporation of practical training modules (PTMs) in Sport Sciences (SSs) degree programs has been a longstanding subject of controversy in the field. Although the inclusion of the practice of physical activity in undergraduate SSs programs has recommended, the implementation of PTMs varies across different programs. The central question persists: should physical activity be mandatory for all SSs students? In this article, the case for PTMs in SSs degree programs is presented. The theoretical objections encompass dualism, materialism, and utilitarian pragmatism, while the practical objections pertain to cost and public perception. Subsequently, the article discusses why these theoretical and practical objections lack persuasive force. Taking an unequivocal stance on this matter, the primary objective is to demonstrate why PTMs should be an integral part of every SSs degree program, irrespective of concentration or area of emphasis.